What users say about doozzoo

doozzoo has been used internationally since 2017. Music creators from all genres use our service – and we are proud to receive so much positive feedback:

Bonedo recommends doozzoo for online music lessons

Especially for online music lessons I can recommend "doozzoo".…
16. March 2020/by Redaktion

Local Latency Compensation

1. September 2021/by Redaktion

The Institute for Music and Musicology at TU Dortmund University uses doozzoo for online and hybrid teaching

The Institute for Music and Musicology at TU Dortmund University…
28. March 2021/by Redaktion

The magazine PIANONews tested doozzoo…

The professional magazine for pianos and grand pianos reports…
4. March 2021/by Redaktion

delamar : Guitar lessons online with doozzoo.com

delamar.de - Malik Saidu:
The doozzoo platform specializes specifically…
2. April 2020/by Redaktion

Audio Player

1. September 2021/by Redaktion

Frans Vermeerssen

Since Corona I have to teach a lot online. (…) I am happy that Doozzoo solves a lot of those problems and give me facilities to make the lessons better.
– Frans Vermeesen, unterrichtet Saxophon
8. September 2021/by Redaktion

“Music education motivation” – blog presents doozzoo…

"Music education motivation" - Max Gaertner:
"doozzoo is a German…
24. May 2020/by Redaktion

Complete overview and instructions for all doozzoo functions now available in German…

In this tutorial we show you all the functions of doozzoo in…
16. April 2021/by Peter Hartinger

Detlef Landeck

I've always shied away from teaching online, but with doozzoo…
8. September 2021/by Peter Hartinger

Amazona introduces doozzoo as specialist for online music lessons

"doozzoo is a still young startup that specializes in online…
8. September 2021/by Peter Hartinger

Music lessons possible with doozzoo

Detlef Landeck - Musikschool Göttingen:

"The music schools…
8. September 2021/by Peter Hartinger