What’s next?

These functions are currently under development:

  • Your presence on doozzoo

    With your own profile page you can present yourself on the web in a way that your students can easily contact you.

  • MIDI via Internet

    Connect your digital piano or piano with C. Bechstein VARIO directly to doozzoo and make music together!

    MIDI via Internet

  • Live-Notation

    Live notation lets you magically show your students individual notes or chords on the screen.

Prices and availability vary depending on the plan booked.

Want to be a beta tester for new features? You can apply here.

  • Flexible echo handling in running session.
  • Deutsche Videoanleitung auf Youtube
  • Remote control app access for specific students.
  • New keyboard for eartraining and music theory
  • Apps can be moved freely on the slackline
  • Wie funktioniert die Medienbibliothek?
    Deutsche Anleitung & Video
  • The NEW Media Library
    English manual & video