Amazona introduces doozzoo as specialist for online music lessons

“doozzoo is a still young startup that specializes in online music lessons. Unlike other applications, doozzoo is not free. However, there are numerous features that are specifically designed for giving music lessons and are unique. As a beta tester I was allowed to accompany doozzoo already in the development stage. Within a short period of time, several new features have been added, most notably compatibility with more browsers and mobile devices. So doozzoo now also runs stable on iOS or Android devices and the web browser Safari, which Apple users like to use, is now supported as well. doozzoo is unique especially in terms of its features: The latency is very low, a metronome with tap tempo can be switched on and remotely controlled by the teacher, a tuner is available, multiple cameras can be used and switched between them and much more.”

Here is the full article including an interview with co-founder Thomas Gierit Co-Founder Thomas Gier

Music lessons possible with doozzoo

Detlef Landeck – Musikschool Göttingen:

“The music schools gave the impetus for online lessons at the lockdown in March, says Landeck as a teacher of the low brass – in his case trombone, euphonium and tuba – in the Göttingen and Kassel area. In his search for a suitable platform, he says he chose Doozzoo. With features such as a tuner, metronome, MP3 player and good student management capabilities, he says it is well suited for music lessons…”

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doozzoo in the current issue of c’t from 6.6.2020/13

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Computermagazins c’t  n the current issue of the computer magazine c’t, doozzoo is presented in the article “Netzkonzert“:
“The platform developed in Meerbusch addresses many special requests for music lessons and offers a sensible practical concept”.
The article presents various software and platform solutions for collaboration among musicians. Since writing this article, we have already added more features, such as stereo mode and the ability to calibrate the concert pitch in the tuner from 415 Hz (baroque tuning) to the current orchestral tuning of 444Hz. We are looking forward to constantly expand the platform with features. Suggestions for improvements and feature requests are always welcome!

UDK Berlin -> The Appmusik research center presenting doozzoo…

The Appmusik research center at the UnThe Appmusik research center at the University of the Arts has presented a comprehensive compilation of many currently available apps for online music collaboration. Check out the interesting blog post. We are happy to see that doozzoo is getting attention here and is already being used as a teaching platform at JIB – Jazz Institut Berlin. Read the post …

Newsletter Mai 21: doozzoo becomes “doozzoo by C. Bechstein”

We are pleased to announce that we have found a strong partner with whom we will significantly advance doozzoo:
doozzoo is now part of C. Bechstein AG, which is known to many as a traditional piano and grand piano manufacturer.
In the future, we will work together with the C. Bechstein Digital team to drive exciting developments in the area of intelligent learning support, playing analysis and much more.
We will also offer you individual solutions and customizations for different instruments and music genres, such as pop, jazz or classical. Together, we are pursuing the goal of establishing doozzoo as the leading international learning platform for online and hybrid teaching.
Today we would like to thank the many music teachers and learners who have supported us on our way with great ideas, praise and criticism. We will do everything we can to get even better and implement your feature requests – maybe even the impossible ones 😉!
What will change? The doozzoo team will remain and will be extended by the Bechstein Digital Team. All contracts and conditions will remain. The return address will change on our websites and invoices. And …
… we can now develop new features with a large team, so that your lessons with doozzoo will be even easier, even more stable and even more functional.
Last but not least: soon we will fulfill an often expressed wish of many users: Workshop rooms with fixed “room names”! This way, your students will no longer have to register and can simply visit your room via a fixed address – stay tuned ;-)
Your doozzoo team