Stefan ‘Stevko’ Busch

A smooth workflow, built-in tools for precise timing (think a metronome or loop player) and an open-sound system where the speaker’s voice is not filtered out when music is being made at the same time.

Detlef Landeck

I’ve always shied away from teaching online, but with doozzoo it works really well and is even fun … it’s a slightly different teaching experience than face-to-face, but the features and ability to quickly share lesson material with students also opens up new possibilities.

Beppe Bornaghi

doozzoo is a very powerful and user friendly platform for online music teaching with really unique features: doozzoo is the future of online music teaching.

Daniel Guthausen

In the field of online music lessons, doozzoo is unrivaled. Since it is about rhythmic precision when playing to audio files or click, local latency compensation is indispensable. Only doozzoo offers this feature – along with countless other tools for guaranteed frustration-free online coaching.

Frans Vermeerssen

Since Corona I have to teach a lot online. And got very frustrated by sound and other problems. I am happy that Doozzoo solves a lot of those problems and give me facilities to make the lessons better. I like it also that the Doozzo developers are still working hard on new issues, also listening to the Doozzoo users.