The “Musikschule City West” in BERLIN uses doozzoo for online-music-teaching.

We are very pleased that the Berlin “Musikschule City West” uses doozzoo for online music lessons.

Looking for a suitable platform, the music school City West in Berlin-Charlottenburg chose doozzoo.
The unique, integrated pedagogical music tools combined with a flexible media library for teachers and students were decisive.
In addition, doozzoo offers an excellent full range sound and is GDPR compliant.
We are happy to accompany the Musikschule City West into the future of online and hybrid-teaching.

The Institute for Music and Musicology at TU Dortmund University uses doozzoo for online and hybrid teaching

The Institute for Music and Musicology at TU Dortmund University uses doozzoo for online and hybrid teaching

doozzoo convinces with a unique feature canon that optimally maps the workflow of online and hybrid teaching.
The first-class sound without filters and the group teaching function enable the highest flexibility in use.

“Badisches KONServatorium Karlruhe” teaches online with doozzoo.

We are very pleased that the “Badisches KONServatorium Karlsruhe” uses doozzoo for online music teaching.

The unique, integrated music pedagogical tools combined with a flexible media library for teachers and students were the decisive factors.
for teachers and students. In addition, doozzoo offers excellent sound transmission and is DSGVO compliant.

The ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL) relies on doozzoo…

The renowned Dutch ArtEZ University of the Arts relies on doozzoo for online teaching. The filter-free sound with full frequency response coupled with unique features such as local latency compensation and an optimized workflow that makes online teaching effective was the deciding factor for the university.
We are delighted to have ArtEZ on board and looking forward to our collaboration to further improve our platform! The ArtEZ is one of the leading music academies in the EU, offering a unique quality of teachers with an open mindset on different genres and styles.

The ISSA – Saxophone Academy goes online with doozzoo

The international Saxophone Academy ISSA selected doozzoo for their upcoming online masterclasses in 2021.
Head of ISSA Phillipe Geiss, Professor for saxophone at the Strasbourg Conservatory and Vice-President of the International Saxophone Committee on doozzoo:

In addition to the music teaching tools and a high-quality sound, the institutional version of doozzoo offers an easy-to-use administrative layer where we can manage all the courses of the ISSA Masterclasses 2021. You can feel in every detail that doozzoo is made by musicians for musicians. The doozzoo team does a great job and always has an open ear for our feature requests.



The”Bluenote Musicschool” relies on doozzoo for online music lessons

Since December 2020, BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL Dachau & Aichach has been using doozzoo for over 200 students and over 20 teachers at BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL.

“Especially during the lockdown and Corona-related closures, we had to quickly switch to online classes. This went fast and easy with “Doozzoo”, explains Markus Faiss, founder and director of BLUENOTE MUSICSCHOOL and is enthusiastic: “I am especially excited about the fast support, the compliance with data protection, as well as the intuitive management of the individual student and teacher accounts. The teachers and students are especially excited about the apps and the media sharing within the software. Another big advantage is that students can use the software not only during online classes, but also outside of class time (the uploaded media, the music player with, for example, tempo and key settings, as well as the available apps).

Nuova Scuola di Musica (IT)

The Nuova Scuola di Musica – founded 1982 in Mantova (IT) – is relying on doozzoo for their online-music lessons. The school’s highly qualified teachers are covering a wide range of musical styles. The Italian music school not only has a long tradition in teaching music, but also regularly organizes cultural events and concerts.

Marianne Filippini – (Presidente presso Associazione MusicaNuova):

La piattaforma doozzoo è una soluzione studiata con attenzione e professionalità per offrire strumenti specifici e una risposta efficace alle esigenze della didattica musicale a distanza. Il Team di doozzoo si distingue per affabilità, efficienza e disponibilità!”

The Dutch foundation “Gallery of Tones” uses doozzoo for online music lessons…

The Gallery of Tones Foundation is partner of doozzoo since May 2020. The Dutch non-profit organization supports freelance musicians in their profession as performers and coaches. It organizes concerts, workshops and cultural exchange, and provides its members with a doozzoo account for their online lessons. The foundation also arranges coaching and training for music schools and conservatories that want to integrate doozzoo into their online teaching practice.

Met Doozzooo kunnen wij de leden van ons collectief een platform ter beschikking stellen waarbij we weten dat alles wat in het muziekonderwijs belangrijk is, goed geregeld is. Een soepele workflow, ingebouwde tools voor precieze timing (denk aan een metronoom of een loop player) en een systeem met open geluid waarbij de stem van de spreker niet weggefilterd wordt als er tegelijkertijd muziek gemaakt wordt.

Ook staan we achter de manier waarop Doozzoo met dataveiligheid omgaat. Ze volgen de EU richtlijnen en hebben de servers in de EU staan, dit maakt dat we met een goed gevoel bestanden en informatie kunnen delen.

Bij het gebruik van het platform voel je aan alles dat de software gebouwd is door musici met praktijkervaring, het biedt alles wat we als muziekcoach nodig hebben en onze studenten willen aanbieden.

Mannheim State University of Music and Performing Arts (GER) uses doozzoo for teaching and entrance exams

The State University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim relies on doozzoo for individual and group instrumental lessons and conducted the international entrance exams live with doozzoo. In close cooperation with the Mannheim University of Music, the courses were quickly converted to video lessons.

Professor Michael Küttner:

Doozzoo is made by musicians for musicians. You can see that right away. The basic approach is completely different from conventional web conferencing systems. No other program offers the music-specific tools and it works according to the EU data protection guidelines. The willingness of the doozzoo team to cooperate is simply terrific. They reacted quickly to our optimization requests and even managed to handle the recording tests via doozzoo without any downtime.”

May, 2020, the Mannheim University of Music pioneered the entrance exams for 90 international applicants via doozzoo. With the doozzoo support team in so-called play-in rooms and the jury in the virtual entrance examination rooms, the applicants were all successfully brought through the examination. The applicants were spread globally from South America to Europe and Asia. The jury members also participated from their home offices due to the distance regulations in the Corona Crisis. The applicants were technically prepared by the doozzoo team one hour before the actual entrance exam, so that the jury could take the exams in 30 minute intervals.
Further developments are planned for the future in close cooperation with the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in doozzoo and look forward to further inspiring cooperation with the faculty and students of the Mannheim University of Music.

Heppenheim music school uses doozzoo for video lessons

At the Heppenheim Music School (GER), video lessons are conducted via doozzoo as a supplement to face-to-face lessons.

We are pleased that the Musikschule Heppenheim, under the direction of Thomas Markovic, has chosen doozzoo as the platform for online music lessons. The music school, rich in tradition, has chosen doozzoo on the one hand because of the easy-to-use and data-simple administration of teachers and ‘students’ and on the other hand because of the music-affine sound setting options and the unique music tools.