tonicum music school – Leipzig is using doozzoo…

We are pleased that the tonicum Music School – Leipzig is using doozzoo for online lessons.
Music school directors Corinna Stieler and Frank-Michael Jirka on doozzoo:

“The required workflows of music lessons, are excellently mapped digitally with doozzoo. The use of playback options, metronome, tuner as well as the storage of notes and playbacks is implemented comfortably and user-friendly.
Doozzoo offers perfect audio and video quality and raises individual online coaching to a new level.
For us as a school, there is hardly any effort involved in administering the student accounts. The nowadays so important data economy and DSGVO conformity we appreciate very much.”

The ArtEZ University of the Arts (NL) relies on doozzoo…

The renowned Dutch ArtEZ University of the Arts relies on doozzoo for online teaching. The filter-free sound with full frequency response coupled with unique features such as local latency compensation and an optimized workflow that makes online teaching effective was the deciding factor for the university.
We are delighted to have ArtEZ on board and looking forward to our collaboration to further improve our platform! The ArtEZ is one of the leading music academies in the EU, offering a unique quality of teachers with an open mindset on different genres and styles.

We are delighted to cooperate with Eduzioni Curci – one of the most famous music publishers in Italy

Edizioni Curci – founded 1860 – is one of the most important and renowned independent entities in the world of Italian music publishing. Edizioni Curci now offers online courses for online music teaching with doozzoo.

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