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For our international customers we have translated doozzoo into 6 languages.
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Mannheim State University of Music and Performing Arts (GER) uses doozzoo for teaching and entrance exams

The State University of Music and Performing Arts Mannheim relies on doozzoo for individual and group instrumental lessons and conducted the international entrance exams live with doozzoo. In close cooperation with the Mannheim University of Music, the courses were quickly converted to video lessons.

Professor Michael Küttner:

Doozzoo is made by musicians for musicians. You can see that right away. The basic approach is completely different from conventional web conferencing systems. No other program offers the music-specific tools and it works according to the EU data protection guidelines. The willingness of the doozzoo team to cooperate is simply terrific. They reacted quickly to our optimization requests and even managed to handle the recording tests via doozzoo without any downtime.”

May, 2020, the Mannheim University of Music pioneered the entrance exams for 90 international applicants via doozzoo. With the doozzoo support team in so-called play-in rooms and the jury in the virtual entrance examination rooms, the applicants were all successfully brought through the examination. The applicants were spread globally from South America to Europe and Asia. The jury members also participated from their home offices due to the distance regulations in the Corona Crisis. The applicants were technically prepared by the doozzoo team one hour before the actual entrance exam, so that the jury could take the exams in 30 minute intervals.
Further developments are planned for the future in close cooperation with the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your trust in doozzoo and look forward to further inspiring cooperation with the faculty and students of the Mannheim University of Music.

Heppenheim music school uses doozzoo for video lessons

At the Heppenheim Music School (GER), video lessons are conducted via doozzoo as a supplement to face-to-face lessons.

We are pleased that the Musikschule Heppenheim, under the direction of Thomas Markovic, has chosen doozzoo as the platform for online music lessons. The music school, rich in tradition, has chosen doozzoo on the one hand because of the easy-to-use and data-simple administration of teachers and ‘students’ and on the other hand because of the music-affine sound setting options and the unique music tools.